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Treating ones car to something nice this Crimbo.....

jassyo06 Dec 16, 2016

  1. royalsteve68

    royalsteve68 Registered User

    lol i still have a Pioneer Kuro 428xd 720p tv but the pic quality is still awesome - soundwise i have a mid yamaha amp, kef speakers and sub, plus an awesome REL sub. i will upgrade the tv to a 4k one at some point. Not a fan of samsung tv's as they provide massively oversaturated pictures and are unreliable - my kuro has been on for hours every day for about 10 years (428xd launch date) - i wouldve liked the 50xd 1080p but i wasnt gonna spend £5K on a tv - the 428xd was rrp £2.5K
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