transverse or longitudinal


different gear
Ok ive searched Internet,but still puzzles me,so which way is what in our motors,sorry for :think: question.

Oh and question is because im thinking of getting a bigger turbo. Haha.


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Longitudinal means the gearbox is at the back of the engine as opposed to on the side.
This means it is much easier for RWD/AWD applications.

Transverse is usually found in FWD drive cars.

That said, a friend of mine has a Volvo S60R - transverse mounted with AWD / same with my other mates EVO - they use transfer boxes and angle gears to get drive to the rear.


different gear
Cheers chaps,it threw me because mines fwd and as mentioned,usually transverse.


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Audi are unusual in this respect - possibly because while most are FWD, the layout suits the Quattro really well.


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Real question is which turbo you thinking now :hubbahubba: GTB2260VK?
GTB 2260vk is laggy on the 1.9Tdi engine, a gtb1756vk or a 2056vl is much more suited to the smaller displacement engines...