Traffic Cops on BBC 1 4th Aug - black TT

Anyone see Traffic Cops on BBC1 earlier - black mk1 TT caught doing 116 on the A6 in Bedfordshire. It was a garage employee returning a customer's car!!! He deserved his 14 day ban.


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Yeah, I saw it, I bet the owner of the car was furious when he saw that last night.

Bloke said he was late and wanted to get home. ********, he was in a TT, it wasn't his car, the roads were empty and he wanted to unleash that speed!


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Wasn't there a member on here who is a copper (A3 Tom, or something) who took his car in for repair and overnight while on duty saw it speed past him???


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No doubt if the police had just booked him using a speed gun and the summons had dropped onto the door mat of the owner he would have been even more annoyed.

In the same programme there was a rather appalling piece of driving by a police driver in an unmarked car. He was part of a 'chase' with a marked police car but the car being chased turned off the motorway quite late and, in an attempt to stay with him, the officer driving the unmarked car cut up a white van and nearly crashed into some cones in order to also exit the motorway. His more senior colleague didn't seem to impressed. No doubt if the white van and the unmarked car had been the other way round and the van had cut up the police car he would be facing a charge of careless or even dangerous driving. I've did several advanced driving courses with Bedfordshire Police when I worked for Bedfordshire County Council and I don't think the instructors on those courses would have been impressed with that piece of driving by one of their own officers.


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Ye i saw that, funny thing was he was braking when he caught him at 116mph

And i saw the awful piece of driving from that cop, the old guy was not amused was he :laugh:


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