Trading In The A3 For An A5. Anything I Need To Watch Out For


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Hi Guys n Gals,

I have been a member of the site for a few years now and have loved my A3 during this time but I have decided to change and go for an A5 as I want a bigger car and looooooove the look of the A5 coupe.

I currently own a 2.0TDi Quattro Manual 140bhp A3 S-Line and I am looking to change to a Petrol S-Tronic A5 but just wanted to get some advice from owners on this model.

I have mainly been looking at a 2011/12 1.8T FSI S-Tronic and wanted to know if there is anything I should look out for or avoid. I am pretty fixed on the 1.8T FSI, don't want to 2.0T FSI as the MPG changes dramatically between the two variants. Was looking at 2.0TDI but hard to find in Coupe shape and to be honest, I want the fun of a petrol again.

Anything I need to look our for with the 1.8T FSI?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.



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My local dealer (one of London's busiest servicing 60+ cars/day) reports no problems with the 1.8TFSi and only handful of 2.0 TFSi's with the oil burning issue.

A 1.8 of that age will be multitronic but should be reliable. You will get 12 months warranty from a franchised dealer.


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It's a lot beefier car than the A3 and from your quote 'and to be honest, I want the fun of a petrol again.' I would give the two engines a really good test drive as power to weight will be down with the 1.8.

I'd keep the search options open on the oil burner though, you may fall lucky.

Good luck.