tracking/geometry help please.


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got 4 wheel alignment done about 2 months ago.
the guy doing it said there was 2 settings and wasn't sure which one was for my car.
one setting was for 01 to 03 and the other was for 03 to 06.
i told him try the first one and the car felt grand afterwards.
a couple of weeks a go i was at audi main dealer and i showed them the print out of the alignment done and they said they were the wrong settings.
because i don't want my tyres worn out in no time i went back and got alignment done with the newer settings.
the thing now is, the car felt better with the first settings( steering wheel centered better after turning) and also now when taking a turn on a slant the front wheels kinda fall into the turn.
can anyone tell me where to find the right settings.
my car is a 03 1.8t sport, the model before they added the S-line bodykit.
it has factory sport suspension and factory 17" wheels.
any help is greatly appreciated.


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Dealers, who'd trust them? What is the difference between the two settings? If it's a massive difference I can understand your concern. If there is little difference then get the car handling as you like it.