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Tracker Direct, the original and probably the best. Uses vhf as well as gsm and GPS and is supported by all UK police forces. Not cheap though.

Save your cash and invest in a gap policy and beef up your home security.

Would you want your car back if it was stolen? I certainly wouldn't.


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invest in a gap policy and beef up your home security.

Would you want your car back if it was stolen? I certainly wouldn't.

Exactly what I was going to say :)


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To the OP,

Do you mean a tracking device you can buy off fleeBay, wire in yourself, stick a SIM card in and SMS it when your feeling lonely and have it tell you where it is - OR - do you mean a Thatcham Cat 5/6/7 Tracker solution that is monitored remotely by a control centre and you pay an annual licencing fee for? You call them when you notice your P&J is missing, or they call you, depending on the solution you choose.

If your looking for a cheap and cheerful tracker DIY install, then fleeBay is your friend, and any of the GPS trackers from £14 upwards will work, as long as you wire in and locate the device correctly. Add a PAYG SIM card, and your sorted. Price generally increases depending on how complex you want to make the install (everything from remote stop to interior cameras over 4G network)

If you mean the Thatcham approved device, then you can purchase direct from their website at an all inclusive price including installation. The annual licence fee is EXTRA, so don't forget to figure that into your budget.

You can find Tracker products on fleeBay at much better prices that the Tracker website, including installation - genuine products, installed by independent car alarm specialists, and to a high standard. You pay them for the product and install. They usually come to you at home/workplace to install and set up the whole solution including testing with the Tracker control centre. You then activate your chosen licence plan over the phone and pay your money.

I know some people "don't" want their cars back, and I fully understand why, but if having a device fitted gets some of these thieving scumbags apprehended and picked up by the police then Im all for it. It may not save your car, but it might save your mates, or another member of this forum from their activities.


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You could use a secondhand iPhone or Android and hide it behind a rear panel wired off the boot aux socket then track it yourself using Find My iPhone or download Followmee GPS app. I've done the Android one with Followmee which allows you to set up a geofence which sends you a notification if your car leaves 'home' and or 'work' fence. I did this after having my S3 8P stolen after scum broke into house whilst asleep to get keys. I at least now have some comfort in using the tracker option if I want to as car could be literally parked up locally to see if it gets any interest! One important thing to note is make your house secure and fit anti-snap locks to all doors......I've also got a disclok and keep key separate to car keys.

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I keep a magnetic GPS tag stuck to the inside of my boot for this reason. Battery lasts about a month at a time in standby mode (sends a few pings a day and wakes up if vehicle moves). Take it out and stick on charge once a month and it's good to go. Wouldn't ever want to get back in my car after it had been stolen but getting it recovered quicker means less hassle all round!


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Just bought one of them gps ones with the sim from ebay cost 9 quid its not about getting the car back i woudlnt want no f**** thief getting away with breaking into my house or even holding me up and taking my car atleast this way i have a better chance of them getting caught otherwise there is a very slim chance they get caught


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if your car gets gets stolen.

are you not insured? I'm sure you are, so whats the worry?

if my car got stolen, some w4nkstain driving it like got only knows what, i would not want it back! If i happen to have my car stolen and i find it and its been abused but ok, id set fire to the ****** thing myself, so i don't have to have it back!

deterrents are just that, deterrents! it doesn't matter what you do to your car, and what devices you have on it, if they want it and they don't want you to know about it till its too late, then they will.
sadly, thieves are clever.