Track rod ends / ball joints


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Jun 21, 2012
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Redhill Surrey
Hi guys, how can you tell if the track rod ends are knackered? I'm getting a swaying feeling when driving? I also I get a knocking / cracking type sound when turning the wheel when stationary, my wishbones are poly bushed front and back bushes, when I had the clutch and mot done it came back with excessive play in ball joint, so I replacement the ball joints and track rod ends with delphi parts and I also changed the inner tie rods at the same time with fai parts, this was all done the first week of march this year, since then I had to replace the ball joints as one had a lot of play in it after two weeks.

i know I have coilovers and the ride can be hard I don't think I'm running my car too low, but is there a better / stronger make I can get?

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Check the gaitors are I good nick, no grease coming out and that they are secure. Also there should not be any play in them. Usually a bad cv gaitor shows up on full lock. Get a knocking or grinding sound.

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