Track rod and update.


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So after a week of tinkering, I have managed to fit my adjustable tie bars on my car, and needed to fit a track rod ready for my 4 wheel alignment today. I didn't have the tool to remove mine, so many thanks to A3-Lee for popping over to my shop to sort me out whilst I was working away.

Parked up ready.

I decided to jack it up, put it on an axle stand and remove the wheel so he could just crack on when he arrived.

The offending item, flopping about, it was fubar'd!

So once all fitted, I quickly whipped the wheel on, and the car felt tight again when I drove it home after work. Had the Geo all done today, 1.09 degrees camber on rear with factory toe, car was tracking straight and seems to hold the road well.

There's this rather large hole I need to drive over on the way into my shop back, and the S3 seemed to make this funny loose noise when going over it! I always thought it was the strut tops, but I changed those, and it made no difference, but and now it's gone!

So very happy indeed! :)