Track day steering wheels and fixing boss.


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Looking for a track day steering wheel for the TT. Posted in this forum as it seems to be a bit more lively, and they are pretty much the same car.
Lots of fake OMP/ SPARCO/MOMO wheels from China on Fleabay. I quite like the look of the Motamec wheels.
They may also be made in China but from the pictures look to be better quality. They do some slightly more expensive PRO wheels that are made in Italy.
Anybody seen or used these wheels?
Don't want to spend silly money but don't want something that falls apart.
Any recommended hub adaptors to fit the wheel.



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I think the cheap £30 or so ebay Boss'sm work fine and just as well as the more expensive MOMO etc (someone will correct me if I'm wrong).
In tearms of steering wheel, dont skimp.
Fake wheels have loads of flex in them and literally bend in your hands (seen this myself while on track in a mates car with an Ebay MOMO wheel.
Make sure the wheel is genuine is what I'd say.
If it was me id spend abit more on better quality products. Demon tweeks have a good range. Alot of my friends do drift days an have removable wheels. An the difference in cheap to more expensive ones is massive....

-cheap bosses have side to side play!
- cheap wheels flex and get dirty an fabric falls apart within a matter of weeks!