TQS progress thread, From STD-Scroll-Eliminator.

Nothing to add just yet. Lol she has a puncture , er I need a cv gaiter and i'm gonna put oe cams back in and bin off the cats. Oh I need to make a water pipe but bill has been a bit busy so ill continue chucking g12 in. It's not ******* out.

I think I'll oil change it then.

She did make the rollers but it blew a pipe, while I was fitting it back on the battery went flat. Then the water leak was spotted so we gave it up as a bad job. Lol iirc she made 350 odd on the gtrs tune but didn't want more boost or timing despite there being room for both. This we believe is the fault of the cams hence the return to oe
Just had another read of your thread.

Are the parts you required to fit a TFSI K04-64 as follows?

K04-64 with integrated manifold
Manifold adaptor plate (supplied by beachbuggy or badger5)
Badger 5 tune
ECU swap to flashable ECU
Custom downpipe
Oil feed hose (off another Audi model?)
Oil return hose (off another Audi model?)
Coolant feed hose (off another Audi model?)
Coolant return hose (off another Audi model?)
3" Maf (from and S3)
Custom intake
550 injectors
4 bar FPR
Hose for turbo to IC (supplied by beachbuggy or badger5)

Be good if you could add or correct any of the above please?
Adapter from BBt
Any custom tuner
Ecu management depending on tuner requirements.
Custom dp to free flow exhaust.
Oil feed is generic braided oil feed hose.
Oil return is std a4 one with braid removed and an oil resistant hose clipped in.
Coolant hoses from a4 can be used.
Maf to suit tune - management
Tip and filter to suit turbo and filter preference.
Std fpr
550 injectors or similar depending on tuners requirements
I used a combination of b5 turbo side banjos bent to clear and silicone. None of my pipes are as they came as I've hacked the crap out of them in the past. Lol one has the after run pump in line the other was shortened a few times as it split
ah ok!

So you recon stock B5 pipes would fit alright then?

I guess the most awkward bit is the welding of the compressor housing for the DV, and the modifications to the turbine housing to clear the engine mount?
What needs done for the DV?

Can you not just locate that onto the cold side and pipe the blow off air into the intake pipe?

I could not see the exact details in the pics on the last page.

ah ok!

So you recon stock B5 pipes would fit alright then?

I guess the most awkward bit is the welding of the compressor housing for the DV, and the modifications to the turbine housing to clear the engine mount?
Ah I see. Could you just use a t piece and some hose and have it right after the turbo?

DV has two connections.

One goes after the turbo in the pressure pipework, thats easy enough to sort as you need a custom pressure pipe anyway, so you can just get a barb welded on.

The other feeds back into the inlet of the turbo, in the pipe between the turbo and MAF. As standard the provision exists on the stock rubber hose between the two, on the TFSI this hose is completely different and needs made up by you, and thus doesnt have a fitting for the DV.
Looking at the tfsi setup were marks plumed it in is actually for the oil vapour breather pipe for the valve cover (puck valve on our cars) you could probably use a vacuum DV from forge designed for the tfsi turbo and do away with the 710N.
The APR turbo isnt a standard K04-064.

The compressor housing has been modified to take a factory DV, that hole isnt there on a real K04-064.

Also, the factory DV that goes in that hole is electronically controlled, rather than vacuum operated like on the B5.
can i ask, is the gt eliminator a worth while upgrade as it looks bolt on for around 900 pounds.

i would be happy with 250 - 300 bhp.

i know there are associated mods, but the eliminator seems a good package.
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The reason i ask is i guess a hybrid is maybe 700 but for 200 more you get a turbo that you would never have to upgrade again.

I don't see the reason for a hybrid when the eliminator seems to offer a lot more for not much more?
I got a quote of about £470 from a place called bernies blowers on face book who came recomended from a few ford friends
that seems a good price, as i need to replace my turbo and a bex 1.8t turbo is 180 so makes sense to pay some more for an upgraded one.
I dont really think the eliminator is any better than a hybrid. Your still stuck with the compromised stock manifold etc, so its not really as good as you think it should be. the housings also much more restrictive than a "proper" GT28 so it doesnt make the numbers.

Mark also had two of them fail, so i'm not sure what that says about their reliaibility...

250 is easily attainable with a hybridised K03, and with the right bits you'll probably get upto around 280ish.

Speak to beachbuggy on here. He does a wide range of hybrid options at various price points.
Like i was saying on facebook, at this point i'd be bolting in a stock motor.

If the turbos good, bolt that on and drive.

If its not, use the K03 and flash on a stage1 map for now.

Big fancy build is just pointless IMO when folk have made 400hp on stock motors (with rods)
The dm rods have had a slowly worsening rattle since not long after they were fitted. Seems to be a faulty batch