Toyota Celica


I want your faulty electronics
Any one out there any good with Toyotas?

My Step mum's Celica is having a bit of bad time the last two weeks.

It all started when the radiator went pop.

Replaced the rad, replace the thermo state at the same time but now there is no heat coming from the heater matrix.

The system has been bleed, water pumped round, air removed or so we think.

Basicly, it gets up to temp, top water hose gets hot, bottom water hose stays cold.
Heater matrix input hose gets hot but the out put hose stays cold.

We remove the out put hose of the heater matrix and pump water though the system and it will come out of the heater matrix and out of the output pipe.

We can't work out what's going on. this is our 3rd attempt at bleeding the system and it's not going any where.
The bottom rad hose stays cold and the heater matrix hose stays cold.
Its got a new thermostat.

Any one got any ideas, am i missing some thing really simple or is it just plain nakered?


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id say air lock
there a pain to bleed
it may hurt but when its upto temp
try to remove the matrix out pipe to bleed it through that way.


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somebody i used to work with had a celica gtr! and a new radiator was £700! :ohmy:
so it may be expensive because its complicated maybe???????


I want your faulty electronics
Thanks Bez but we've decided to get it sent away to get it dropped tested and pressure tested.
Found some gunk on the oil cap, loads of steam coming out the back, hard to start and misfiring.
Started doing that saturday. :(