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Toyosports Dp/decat 3"/2.5"

lowforce Aug 26, 2014

  1. lowforce

    lowforce New Member

    Hi @all

    I am planning to install a Toyosports DP/Decat on my 1998 A3 AGU. The car has been remapped and currently is running at 16 PSI with no issues at all, the rest of the exhaust will remain stock at this time. Since it is my daily, it would be nice for the K03 to keep spinning for another several thousand kms. :D. I've done some research, checked several ebay offers and it seems that toyosports decat should be fine. However they do sell two different types and the following questions have arisen:
    1. 3" DP/Decat goes to 2.5->2.25 (stock exhaust), may fit OK with the AGU, should be an easy job to install it, will probably need several exhaust sleeve clamps which may be provided with the product itself. My major concern is that 3" is way too much for K03.
    2. 2.5" DP/Decat -2.5 - couldn't find info whether it is a 2.5->2.25 and is straight replacement. I came across some threads that these DPs also do not fit in properly - the DP angle is slightly different from the stock one and the flexi could not compensate this. Otherwise the 2.5" diameter is almost perfect, especially if I decide to upgrade to k03s or to uprade the whole exhaust to 2.5".

    Will probably be going with the 3", but wanted to have some more info from those who have these DP installed or anyone who has come across them.

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  3. Lavis89

    Lavis89 Well-Known Member Regional Rep Team Sprint Audi S4 Audi A3

    i got the 3" one on my A3 Quattro and i love it, it is on a k03s but there isn't a massive amount of difference between them. was very noticeable when i stuck it on before having my stage 1 map done

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