Tough Times - Change S3 to what??


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So wee update.

My car has been in garage since 20th November. And guess what.. not fixed!! :'(

They have ruled out clutch but have no idea what is causing the fault.. thankfully they have witnessed the fault and now believe there is one when before i sometimes felt like they didn't believe me and felt like a fool for complaining.

The problem has been escalated to Audi technical and we are just waiting to see if they can help..if they can't then **** knows what's going to happen. :-/..

Oh and i have an A6 tdi ultra as a courtesy... its like a bus.. body roll is crazy and its not even quick either. ;'(

Edit.. and i got a new job out the oil and gas.. woo hoo. ;-)

excellent news on the job front!! Congrats!