Touch up Stick?


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On Friday on M6 got hit by a few flying stones, ended up with 2 stone chips on the front of my bonnet.

Can I purchase from Audi a touch up stick or equivalent to get an identical match for my paint?

Thanks in advance


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It States
Please note certain special order factory ‘lifestyle’ colours are unavailable. Please check availability first if unsure.

Does anyone know if Sepang Blue is a special order paint?


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Hmmm - yes, might prove tricky... I've always just had 'standard' A3 colours...


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The thing you're after looks like this:


The exact code for it is in your "Audi Service Schedule" booklet, line no.4. For my car (Brilliant Black) the colour code is LY9B, which ties up with the part number on the back of the pack:


So far I've repaired two stone chips with it and it works flawlessley (I followed guidance from I got mine from my local dealer where I bought the car. I asked them for it when they were fixing the car. They didn't charge me for it (most probably due to the v.poor service I'd received from them so far), though I think it only costs £6! You can always ask...


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Found my Paind code NR1/QE
Fingers crossed they do a kit for that colour


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I had a look on there earlier and cannot find my colour anywhere, and on the one occasion I did get a search result back it said it was unavailable :(


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Found it
The code is L Y5Q
And Paints 4 U does it !!

Many thanks Davie


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Just a thought, but it could be worth spending another couple of quid on an artist's brush set....

Dip one of the fine tipped brushes in the paint, and make a nice point on the end. Leave it to dry overnight, and you have the perfect point for dropping in the paint, and reaching the small chips to get finer detail, rather than some of the 'spray edged' brushes that come with touch-up paints.

The other option that can be used is cocktail sticks, but in my honest opinion I find I get better 'pen type' control with the brush.