****** torque guns

george forbes

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So just got round to getting my winter tyres off and the F1 supersports back on this means a trip to the tyre fitters as I don't have spare wheels. normally I run spacers on the car but as the winters are 235 instead of 225 I didn't have them fitted, So today decided to refit them , "Mr angry", every one of the wheel bolts were so tight that I had to stand on my 16" torque wrench and bounce on it to get them off and ended up breaking the wrench. All this after having to go back a second time after noticing 2 of the tyres were fitted the wrong direction.
Flaming torque guns should be banned.


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OK, we know the idiots over tighten, but equally why did you stand on your torque wrench. They are a precision bit of kit. My Norbar is about £150+ to replace. I use an extendable bar to remove nuts/studs and the torque wrench to fit them.


Snapon techangles ftw £600