Topping up oil


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Ive just turned 9k miles and the oil level has dropped to 75% according to the indicator.

I have just topped up with 250ml of oil that was provided with the car when I collected it from new.

Do other people have similar experiences?

Audi A4 B9 2.0 TDi(190 Stronic)


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Mine fell down to 25% after about 7k and I got Audi to top it up for free as I wasn’t given a little bottle. It’s stayed on max ever since (now on 14k) so it was just the engine running in using up the oil. I’ve got the 218 ps diesel.

Note the indicator isn’t showing all the oil in the car just the top part so no need to panic like I did as I saw it dropping as the miles clocked up.


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It is normal for new engines to use a little more oil until everything is bedded in. Mine hasn't used any in the 8000+ miles it's done though so perhaps it is a diesel thing with regens taking place...


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I assume you mean 3/4 of the way between min and max, rather than 75% of the oil capacity, that would be well below the minimum. Mine is the same after 8,000 but I've just left it as it's well above the min level. I didn't get any free to use to top it up.