Tools for changing timing belt


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Im going to attemp to change the timing belt, on my 1.9 tdi, i have seen it done before. What i need to no is where can i buy the remove/replacement tools (ie, camshaft locking, pump locking and tensioner tool)

Thanks in advance


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Try and hire them if you can, genuine ones cost a fortune and unless you're going to use them lots not really worth buying. Also have a look on ebay as sometimes they crop up.


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if you havent done 1 b4 i realy wouldnt advise doing it UNLESS you have a mate that knows what hes doin to show you
i know you got to learn but it could end up costing you more in the long run


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Ive not done one on a tdi before but have done a petrol, everything i have read does seem to make sense and looks pretty easy to follow, when i saw it done on a tdi, it was done without any special tools, ( i.e. No camshaft lock tool, just tipex lol) seemed fine,

Where can it be hired from??