toataly slaughtered my s3's front and rear diff's i think advice needed


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Nov 14, 2007
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kingston sw london
hi just looking for some advice with my beloved S3?

A couple of months ago i realised my rear diff was on its way out(whine from rear of car) which i diagnosed after changing my haldex oil and no change and then evetually the rear diff/clutch was slipping considerablly!!!


I then decided to pull the fuse on the haldex controller, so i could still drive her (big mistrake). As i ended up completely ripping the rear engine mount off the gearbox snapping the bolt in half? I now have half the bolt stuck in the box(just hope i can get it out without having to remove the box???
To add to my misery ive broke a power steering pipe as well as done some other very serious damage, i think i mite have damaged the front diff or the gearbox i think??? when i drive it and lift my foot off the clutch i get a very heavy grinding and clonking noise but im not a hundred percent sure what it is?
if it is the diff is it like the rear secondhand unit or audi only or can i get an aftermarket unit???
A lot of my friends are telling me to get rid of it but ive spent a fortune on it and the four wheel drive and diffs are almost the only thing left on the car to replace, ive spent the best part of 13000 in the three years iv owned it and its a very good car so all i need is some good advice to help me get it back on the road pls help guys.
remapped power! high milage 170000 but ive rebuilt the whole car almost, it drives like a dream b4 nitemare, full respray with subtle paint mods,remap,brake upgrade,all new bushes,short shift,eng mounts,performance clutch,k&n,a new hoses & pipes,alternaton,rack,powersterring pump,sterring arms,drop links anti roll bars,all wheel bearings,ball joints rocker cover gasket,boost pipe breather pipe could go on and on spent far to much but its ma pride n joy and ive had a few s3s a couple of tts and this car is superior in comparison?????
Wow! 170k miles and still on original gearbox, you have done well to be fair! Time for a used gearbox and diff then maybe? My gearbox lasted 52k miles and killed itself.