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To strip or not to strip?

s4mark Jul 1, 2020

  1. s4mark

    s4mark Member

    OK so I'm at the point that the S4 must go soon as poss. New house and job on the horizon so sensible car needed.

    My question is, do I sell the s4 as is or strip for parts? Could do without the hassle of dismantling and storing bits etc but reckon I could get more selling the parts separately, although a longer process. Realistically reckon I would get 3 to 4 k selling complete but have seen people getting 2.5k for the engine alone since the chains and guides etc have all been done.
    What would you guys do?
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  3. norris_309

    norris_309 Active Member

    Just seems wrong doesn't it, worth more in parts than a complete working car.
    I'd be too lazy to break it.
    I have a 1.9tdi sport avant, it's a lovely car but getting on now with nearly 180k miles, there aren't loads for sale but going by what they are up for as you say, i'd probably make more selling the parts!.. seems such a shame.

    So in answer to your question, i'd sell as is, but can totally understand if you have the time & space to try to make as much as possible by breaking it
    (sorry not much help lol)
  4. s4mark

    s4mark Member

    I totally agree. Its too good a car to break for bits in my honest opinion and I love it to bits and have spent a fortune maintaining it over the last 9 years but I need something more economical and can't justify it sitting on the road being used once every couple of months. Dealers will only give me 1400 as a part exchange so thats not happening. Like you, I don't think i can be bothered to strip it down and have bits sitting about for ages, so if someone wants the engine they will have to take the whole car and they can do what they like with the rest. Its scary to look at all the receipts I have for it and to see what its worth now. I always hoped it would hold its value and become almost a future classic but it never happened so time to move on. I hope someone comes along with a decent offer and gives it a new home as like I said its a hell of a lot of car for the money and with the chain service already done, hopefully someone will want it.
  5. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Try putting an ad up in classifieds for complete car see how that goes, Less hassle with parts lying around.
  6. Pie-eyedpiper

    Pie-eyedpiper Active Member

    I'm sure it would be one a future classic, just see what mk4 Escorts are going for now.
    But it would be a matter of waiting for the market prices to rise.
  7. quattrogone

    quattrogone Quattro Back!

    It's a difficult one, a job to make a decision at the moment as too much uncertainty.
    Interior alone would bring in nearly a grand just we seats and carbon trim if you have it. Then there's the bigger brakes and exhaust if it's an aftermarket one even better....
    One things for sure which ever option you choose it will reap more than a dealer deal!
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  8. Ricky Burrows

    Ricky Burrows Well-Known Member

    Id strip it if going off what people are saying the interior and complete engine should be enough to cover the value of the complete car anyway and you could sell them as 2 complete items rather than bits here and there and never really see the money, dont bother if your not stripping it down yourself or not willing to post it all even the engine as the thing will be sat there half undressed for 3-4 times as long easily.

    Its one of those where you could potentially double your money or you could potentially never really see it especially if you buy a takeaway and some wobble juice at the end of each week, ooo actually thats a great idea sell a mirror thats a kebab and lagers, next week sell a couple doors thats the monthly love honey draw topped up, just imagine it could be like pocket money for grown ups :) ........anyone looking for bits on a b7 saloon?

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