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To lance or not to lance?!

Moon Nov 11, 2019

  1. AndrewW

    AndrewW Registered User

    Definitely this, pump spray for pre wash application and pressure washer for removal works well for me.
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  3. Moon

    Moon Registered User

    Ordered the Autobrite kit today with the lance and foam.
    Cheers for the heads-up on that one
  4. josul

    josul Registered User

    My K5 gave up after nearly 10 years last weekend. 18 months is not very good at all, even though it's still in warranty.

    I had cleaned the wheels and snow foamed the car, was on the last squirt doing the front corner. Was very strange using the hose to wash it after that. Cracked out the Valet Pro Citrus Pre wash and gave it a good dose of that too as I didn't want go in with a contact wash.

    I was thinking about a K4 but after reading your comment I think I'll stick with the K5 and a slightly bigger motor. Here is hoping there are some good deals this black friday...
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
  5. josul

    josul Registered User

    Good decision. I bought a cheaper lance originally and ended up having to replace and went for an Autobrite. Its like night and day, great bit of kit.

    I have some Auto Finesse Avalanche which cleans well but not as good as Autobrite or Bilt Hamber, which I will be sticking with.
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