To jetex or not to jetex that is the question!


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My point is that just because something might gain you 5hp, doesnt neccesarily mean its a Good Thing.

Inflating your tyres to 70psi will allow you to accellerate quicker, but its still a **** idea.

Its a fairly accepted fact that oiled filters and MAF's arent a good combination. Heck i was told that about 12 years ago when trying to buy a performance filter for my dads 1.8T back then. Its certainly not news!

The very fact the oil is needed is indicative of the problem at large with these filters. The holes are too big, and let too much crap through. It oil is just a sticking plaster to try and improve their filtration.

Some useful info here about the filtration efficiency of a K&N cotton filter against a range of other standard and aftermarket filters.

ISO 5011 Duramax Air Filter Test Report

An expensive, properly performed test, showing that the K&N filter, and the other aftermarket oiled filters are pretty poor at actually filtering.


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Whereabouts are u smokiedee? Where did u spot me ? Also Craig I think I made a mistake about engine codes they always get me in a twist my car is a v reg 1999 150 bhp sport so not a aum but forgotten what it is lol

i'm in croydon