To buy or not to buy ?


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Ok, I have been thinking about an S5 for a while now and after a lot of viewings have found one that I think is a winner.

I do have some questions though ....

1, Car has done 64,000 miles, 2007, is loaded with just about every option, Phantom black and in very good condition, I think I can get it for around £14,000 private sale, does that sound about right?

2, I am a bit concerned about thefts of Audis especially "S" models in the UK recently, should I be unduly worried?

3, Resale ..I only keep cars for a couple of years at most, I have noticed that a lot of the cars I called about had been up for sale for a long time, are S5's particularly hard to resell?

Any help gratefully received :yes:


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1) that sounds cheap to me, lot of car for that money

2) if you don't live in Leeds/Mancs/Bradford or West Mids I wouldn't worry too much about the thefts

3) not that hard to sell, problem is the V8 is a guzzler and people who are buying at the lower end price point can't always afford V8 running costs. You can get more performance for less. Worst case is part-ex or WBAC.