To A6 or not to A6 that is the question...


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Hi all,

This is my first post here - and here's why; I'm looking at buying an A6 Avant in the near future. Being a VW man normally I thought I'd keep it in the group...

My budget is a miniscule £2500-ish tops (forget the credit crunch, I just don't have much wonga) but I have been scouting Autotrader and it looks as though there are some real bargains to be had.

Pros and cons? I'd like a Quattro TDi (it would be my first diesel and hence, still not sure about selling my soul) but would be very interested in what people recommend?

If you have any links, post away...

Hope to hear from you soon!:)


Considering the same thing myself only my budget is a tad bigger! My other half has a A6 2.4 se saloon S reg which she loves ( cause its auto, and we all know women cant drive manuals properly! :slap:) I think you may have to increase the cash for a good quattro, but there are plenty of TDI's on the 'trader' with good spec with mileage btwn 110,000 and 140,000. For the 2.5 tdi avant performance is about 150 bhp and you can get about 40 mpg out of it. Good luck on your search!


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Thing is at the minute u pay a premium for a diesel car and a premium for the fuel.
I cant justify a big engined diesel at the minute,if u really hanker after something fuel efficient,go out and buy a vw polo 1.4 tdi,otherwise go out and buy a cheap petrol a6.
Petrol is so much cheaper than diesel at the minute so in my opinion i would go for a petrol.


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Well, that Avant looks very nice... but I don't have 3600 and I hasten to add there are tree-dwelling frogs that are more credit worthy than me.

However, I love petrol and will happily buy a petrol turbo...

After all, I drive one now!



I hope I haven't just commited Audi sacrilege... I just had to share.

I'm now thinking about giving my beloved baby to my wife and getting an A6 saloon. Not really sure! :think:


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I've just bought a '99 A6 2.8 Quattro Avant with leather and FSH for £2500.

Rather like it too.


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keep your eyes open for a a6 with lpg i am running a 2.8 quattro avant for less fuel costs than my last 1.9 tdi a4 i was lucky getting this car it was in autotrader 108000 miles it as a professionaly fitted e-gas lpg system with certificate and a receipt for £1786.00 at the moment i am paying 46p a litre it cost me 30 quid to fill the tank and i get about 300 mile not bad for a 4 wheel drive 193 bhp v6 they are out there just be patient