TLC Detailing near Stirling - any reviews?


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Has anyone on here used TLC Detailing located near Stirling, Central Scotland?
Looking for a good local place to get a bit of paint renovation/enhancement and I see they have several Ibis White 8Ps in their portfolio DETAILING — TLC Detailing
If any of the owners are on here Please let me know how they are.

Looking to get my Meteor Grey S3 with go faster swirls dressed up and possible wheel refurb in the new year.



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I've never used them or known anyone to use them, but judging by the cars they have done, i'm pretty sure that they are of top quality...What has directed my attention is that sky blue audi in the back of the C63 picture... Custom colour by the looks of it and would have been good to see a full picture of that... Might be a wrap tho?Looking at the pics again you can see that sky blue 'what I can only assume' S3 in the backround of a few of them, so it looks at if to me someone who works there or even owns the company has a S3... So I think youd be in safe hands


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Never noticed that S3. I'd guess at wrapped rather than resprayed, there is another mint green wrapped S3 in the testimonials.
I Like to get personal recommendations rather than going on online portfolio but this one is rather impressive.

This place is less than 5 miles from me and I never knew it existed until yesterday, it is tucked away on some farmland. Will go and have a look today.


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Neil, site sponsor Brotek on here does detailing, he is based in the scottish borders. Have a look at his web page, plus you will get plenty reviews of his work from members on here. :) x


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That TLC Detailing quite expensive to be fair although their work does look good I have to say.

There's also Brotek (Mark) on here and I've never heard a bad thing said about him and his detailing barn is a nice setup..

I've just had a winter protection detail done by Gordon at defined details in Cambuslang (Glasgow).

Gordon is one of the most respected detailers in the country and his work is nothing short of spectacular. This is the guy that gives other detailers lessons (literally, he does coaching days) on how it's done.

A full 5 stage deep clean, clay, paint clense and Viking Shield sealant applied, wheels sealed and everything dressed which took him the full day was £150. I also enquired about a full detail with a single stage machine polish (correction and enhancement) which takes 2 days and is £300 until March (when he starts getting really busy again) which is exceptional value for someone at the top of this game.

May be worth looking a little further a field...

Defined Details | Car Detailing Glasgow | Car Detailing Scotland


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There's also an F40 in the background of one of the pictures... You wouldn't let an amateur look after that especially as the paintwork is tricky to renovate...


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iv heard mixed reviews about those guys. The Audi you are talking about Jacko was wrapped by PW Pro down in England where they learned to wrap it is one of the guys cars and its an a3 black edition, they did do a mint green s3 which was rank lol. I am thinking about doing this course. There is only one man I would give my car to detail and thats Gordon at Defined Details

Audi A3 S Line - Max Protect Unc V1 & V2. - YouTube my car after he was done with it
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Its two young guys they do it part time as they are or were at uni, never seen there work but as prev mentioned quotes were dear.
Gordon is one of the best and would recommend him instantly.


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Thanks for all the input guys and gals, I went round to TLC for a visit today; £350 for phase 1 paint restoration and further £150 depending on current paint damage. Weather was quite poor and my car is minging just now so difficult to tell the current paint condition.

£150 to wrap the roof gloss black (I have several deep scratches on the roof from a roof bar incident). They did mention having to remove the roof rails during the wrap process which I'm not keen on.

They do lots of wrapping work, there is a cracking GTR in for full carbon wrap at present.
The blue A3 is a bit in your face but finish is to a high standard. It was originally red so quite a major change.

I'm away with work from Wednesday until mid Jan so will look into Defined Details and Brotek when I get back.

Detailing is not something I have looked into for any of my previous cars but after a good wash and spit polish I can see the potential in Meteor Grey...

Thanks again for all the input.


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Gordon is one of the very, very few 'professionals' I would let touch my cars...

handy that not only is he a non BS kind of guy, but close and was good enough to give me my training.