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Well today I have refitted my summer wheels as it looks like the bad stuff is just about over.

As my Michelin Latitude sports were fairly well worn (few mm left so on eBay haha) I wanted to start the summer with new rubber.

After much research looking at hardness, wet grip, efficiency & noise I settled on some Altenzo Sports Navigators which for a set of four 295/35/21's came in at £460 delivered (+£40 for fitting).

My choice was because the noise, efficiency and wet grip are rated the same as the more expensive tires, so not in the same leagues as budget tires and also that the hardness of the tire is rated at 440 which is harder than the Michelin tires that I have taken off and for the price if they prove to be less than expected I wont lose much by flogging them and sticking some other rubber on.

These were not the cheapest at the moment but not much more expensive than the cheapest budgets which on the face is good value.

The quality looks good as these are an Australian designed tire, they are also not directional tires so fitting is easier.

They fitted and seated easily, balanced up well too so no problems there.

I only did a handful of miles on them today but the turn in feels good and they are quiet too.

The specs are tread wear and traction A, hardness is 440, economy was C, wet grip is B and the noise is only 72db.

Once i have tried them out for a few miles in all weathers I can update both the grip and how the wear is looking.

I hope this may help people with tire munching Q7's


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Hey Gavin, I was considering these for my Q7. How are you finding them? Wet grip is what I'm most concerned with...



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I can't fault them at all.
I have just swapped back to my winter wheels and after nearly 6k miles they have only worn slightly and evenly giving very good grip wet and dry.
They were a touch louder than the michelins that they replaced but I will definitely be buying them again and would recommend.