Tiptronic Vs S-Tronic


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Hello everyone ! This is my first ever thread so be nice lol

I'm currently the owner of a 3.0TDI A4 and I'm looking to upgrade to an A7. My issue is the choice of gearbox between tiptronic and S tronic.
I'm a bus mechanic to trade so I understand the basics of dual clutch and Torque converters but I'm curious if there is a significant difference in MPG between the two gearboxes

Cheers !


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Tiptronic is a modern generic word for any Auto gearbox where you can run up and down the gears manually using a gear lever or steering wheel paddles. My last A5 had build codes for both Tiptronic AND S-Tronic.

The three sorts of Tiptronic gearboxes are Multitronic, S-Tronic (aka DSG) and Torque Converter.


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my q7 had tiptronic think it was an aisin box , bulletproof sealed for life fluid and pretty good auto box no issues, my a7 has an stronic good also if you have the correct / latest software but there is always the 40k service cost and the fear of a mechatronics failure.
Next time ill be looking for the 8 speed zf box as its the best tried auto box ive driven in bmws and audis imo