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michael A

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HI All,

So recently I did the usual thing of looking for an RS4 basically dreaming however enquired about one and turns out I am actually able to get budget for one. Sadly I'm looking for a good deal as this is too end of my budget but it's a must have for me. Need to get it done and out my system.

So I'm looking for a B8 2013-2015 of course I know they not the most popular cars for sale unlike a fiesta or astra but thought I'd ask if anyone knows of any dealers or anywhere I might get a good deal. Need to be a dealer as doing trade in. Obviously I've been all over autotrader already


Piston heads, eBay, auto trader, gum tree. Take your time do your homework on what goes wrong with this model. And what of this list had been done. Good luck took me a year of looking to find correct one.

michael A

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Thanks, I've been looking about 6 months already but did not quite have budget. I'm happy to wait in this to get exactly what I'm looking for. Gets annoying checking same sites and posts Avery hour

RS3 S.

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Looking forward to the pics. Suggest an aftermarket warranty or the equivalent.

michael A

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Just collected today. Will get some more pics tomorrow in daylight but I'm a happy chap


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michael A

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Nice colour, is that motorhub? If it is I wouldn't Google them.
Yes and yes. Like I say to people find a garage that has nothing but good reviews

They was hard work to get to the deal I needed but managed it in the end.

Car was MOT morning o got it. I've done over 1000miles now too so feeling more confident. Plus I have it in for a service and check on Saturday too. But I'd have done all this no matter which garage I got it from. Can never guarantee a used car.
However I'm so happy car is amazing, my smile gets bigger everyday I see it or drive it. High maintenance costs ect are well worth it