Tips for pearlescent black


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Hi everyone

I`m new to this site recently registered.

Looking to give my A6 Avant a good clean inside and out.

I`ve always used autoglym shampoo and resin polish since buying my first car years ago but I`m wanting a higher end shine.

whats the best to use for outside inc alloys and inside inc leather seats.

The polishing mode I use at the moment is by hand but I`m wanting to get a decent polishing unit can anyone give me some advice please.

Cheers critch


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look in the sticky thready above this one...the tips for solid black also has tips for pearlescent and metalic blacks...
aslo different advise depending on what kind of finish you want.....

good luck mate


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A good place to start for methods (which are as important as products!) is this set of guides on our site...

Once you have swatted up, check out the corresponding sections in the products section of the site for product ideas. A basic wash kit would be a good starting point (wash section), followed by the Jeffs Werkstatt Acrylic Kit (protect section) for a superb shine that makes the most of your paint. A basic wheel kit would be ideal for your wheels (wheel section), and for the leather, Zymol Treat is well worth the money - brilliant product. Have a look around and a read up and then come back if you have further questions. :)