Q3 Tips for a used Q3 quattro


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Hi all, it is nice finding out this forum. I am very close on getting my first Audi and any suggestions or tips are more than welcome.

I found a great deal for a q3 quattro tfsi with stronic and I am about to get it, but I have a few concerns. I was always driving manual cars (currently mito qv with manual 6 gearbox), so I am not sure how easy it would be moving to stronic. The only reason I am almost convinced to get the car, is that I found out, there is a manual mode. Is that correct?

Please share thoughts and suggestions on what to look out for in possible issues with the car.

Thank you.


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Welcome to the forum.

Moving to s-tronic shouldn’t take long as you will adapt quickly and find it becomes second nature. I have to say after years of driving the s-tronic, I could count the number of times I’ve used manual mode on one hand. Having said that, I’ve pushed the gear lever to ‘Sport’ mode to get past cars or when a faster getaway is essential, like pulling onto roundabouts or a traffic light Grand Prix start!

Enjoy the car and hopefully you will get some feedback on any issues with the car.
Firstly, welcome to the forum :icon thumright:

Having owned two recent Audi cars with the dsg gearbox, there is no way I’d ever go back to a manual gearbox. Like @Graham555, I have very rarely used the manual gear change paddles, as the auto gear changes are so smooth.

I’m afraid I can’t give any specific advice on the Q3, as I own a 2018 Q5 tfsi, but good luck with your purchase.


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Hi Leossmith,
About 4 years ago I was in a similar position, a manual driver of many years and a little apprehensive perhaps about converting when I was considering a DSG Tiguan. It took about 20mins to get comfortable with the basics of driving a DSG, ie car must be in 'P' to start the engine, depress brake pedal and move the selector back to 'D', simultaneously I release the parking brake and depress the gas slightly to begin with and you are off. I didn't buy the VW instead I acquired a Q3 TDi 184 BE, same process to get going...much the same car really. S-Tronic is easier to drive than a manual and has added advantages of the 'S' position to allow more enthusiastic progress, as well as other driving progams, eg economy etc. There is a school of thought that says that there is less likely hood of a transmission problem with DSG as there is no 'riding the clutch' types breakdowns and the car changes at the best time. It is arguably safer to drive too as you do not have to remove a hand from the steering wheel to aid the car's progress or bring it to a stop. You will find it easy. I am now on my second S-Tronic Audi and loving it, it has a couple more settings and is very nice to drive, I will not go back.
Go for it !


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I forgot to mention this is a 2014 model so I am not sure it comes with an S setting or even drive select (the one you can change programs in the car). It has about 130k km done which doesnt feel like much (on the other hand in the last 8 years i did something like 40k). My main concern with stronic and auto mostly comes from my petrolhead behavior and fast cars I had in the past, but it looks like it is more of a habit than anything else.

Any experience with driving it to a major city? I live in a capital with huge traffic jams.


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DSG gearboxes have a reputation of low speed jerkiness, especially noticeable in parking maneuvers and start stop traffic. However having come from driving manuals all my life and swearing I'd never own any automatic gearbox as I considered them to be devil's spawn mine was a pleasant surprise, in fact a revelation. Yes there is some lag but this can easily driven around and would never now go back to a manual. With my car it makes the automatic cruise control and the traffic jam assist a perfect match for the dsg. However I would be wary against buying one with that sort of mileage as they aren't cheap to repair so I would make sure some kind of warranty is in place that covers those components..