Tip stuck in Sport mode?


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Mar 11, 2009
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I am the new owner of a '04 S4 and have a question regarding the paddle shifters on it. Since trying them out for the first time the other day it seems as tho the Tip is stuck in Sport mode. I don't have an owners manual yet so I'm not exactly sure how it's supposed to work. The car feels like there's some engine breaking going on when I come to a stop as if it's a manual box and today I noticed when the Tip is in the "D" position I could still shift the trans with the paddles. Is this normal Tip behavior? I would have assumed that the paddles would only work when the trans is in the "S" position.

no they work in either position, the S and D modes refer to the ferocity of the shifts and the shift revs in each gear with no driver intervention.

The car also has an intelligent gearbox ecu, and its woken up since you gave a bit of a spanking, it wants more :yum: you know sport mode is meant to be abused. Go on you little tease - you know you want to....
Ah,very good! So I can keep it in S all the time with no worries? :hubbahubba:

Thanks for the reply,btw!
if u have a fairly hefty fuel budget, then yes....

I found (when I had an Audi hire car last year with paddle shift) that driving around in D most of the time was fine and then whenever you wanted a bit more control over the gears (hold a line on a corner / sudden acceleration), then just grabbing the paddles then was fine...
Ya! You aint kidding! Driving it around in Sport mode today and the MPG dropped like a rock thrown in a pond. Sure is fun as hell to drive tho!
on an S4 in particular, I think you'll find it excessive and very revvy... get it fixed - it'll be fine for a few days, but long term, it can't be especially good for the engine to rag it like that the whole time...