Tim's OEM+ B7 3.2 Avant build


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Hello folks, my name's Tim and this is my build documenting my 2006 A4 Avant which I've slowly been chipping away at the last 6 months.
Here's how it started, back in February, totally stock 2-owner car:

IMG 8943

Complete with very beige interior and "questionable" badging on the rear
IMG 8942
IMG 8936

First order of business was to replace the ancient tyres and meh 17" wheels with some 18" Sparco Pro Corsa wheels shod in some Kuhmo PS31s from Tire Rack:

IMG 9008

This gave it a bit of a rollerskate stance but definitely a huge improvement!

Next up, got some tints installed and sorted out a plate delete panel in the front:
IMG 9260

Then in no particular order, S4 bits started appearing after spending too much time/money scouring ebay...
First to arrive was a 25th Anniversary two-tone steering wheel:
IMG 9469

I also installed S4 gauge foils (not pictured sadly).
My favourite interior mod to date, however, has to be these Recaro seats. They took some finding, but I managed to get a set of Ivory leather seats from a B7 S4 wagon with the leather in decent shape. The driver's seat motors and passenger airbag control module, however, were goosed, so I had to completely gut my stock seats to swap these bits over. After much swearing, I'm delighted with the result however!

IMG 9747

Also pictured above is my 2" birch shifter with recaro fabric boot, because of course!

IMG 9746

With the interior just so, I then started to turn my attention to the exterior again, and went back to ebay to source some more OEM + additions. First up was a rear spoiler from an S4 wagon, and a personal license plate.

IMG 9669

Next I sourced some S4 door blades and aluminium mirror caps. I combined this with a set of Eibach springs and an eBay honeycomb grill - to give you the look she has today:

IMG 0145

I'm currently on the hunt for an S-Line front bumper to bring together the front end, or considering splurging on a DTM one, but no rush - for now I really like the way she's looking.
In a future post I will detail the brembo little-BBK I put together, but for now, here's the first ~8 months of my build in one post to kick-start the thread. Comments welcome!

Rob Avant

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Nice work, your wagon is looking good.
You should post in the B7 section too, plenty of folks with a lot of love for the best shape A4 over there :thumbs up: