Timing on rs6 c5

Gareth whale

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Jun 6, 2016
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Hi all
Just wondering if you can help with a problem I have with my rs6.
I went to change the cambelt and new the adjuster was faulty and putting to much pressure on cambelt. Moving it to TDC its decided to snap without being TDC is there anyway I can get the timming correct again seen that some take cams out to do it. Is this best way?
Or if someone knows a better please let me know. This is the last bit I've got to do as replaced turbos and gearbox so engine still out at the moment
Thanks Gareth
Or does anyone have the location of the timings marks I know of the ones on the cams?
Hi all I have put back on the cambelt to the position it spanped. Engine turns over without any noise but on the the third turn and clunking noise from left bank is this just the adjuster moving?