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Timing belt query EA288

smog c6 Aug 31, 2020

  1. smog c6

    smog c6 Registered User

    So I had a chat with a relative who owns a 2.0Tdi 150 A4 B9 saloon 65 reg, his car is coming to 55k mileage soon and will be 5 years old around September, my own A4 is on 85k and I plan to keep it for 2-3 years so was thinking about having both cars done at a discount.

    I know the timing belt on these things should be changed around 5 years or 135k miles or so, however I’ve never actually owned a car when the timing belt was due, I’ve always had chains or cars before timing belts were due or after they had been done.

    From what I know, belts were usually changed around 80k so it’s surprising this one is recommended at 135k, so that’s the reason for me to consider getting it done.

    Anyhow, relative insists that age doesn’t really have an effect. He claims Audi don’t have a set time only mileage in certain countries, he has also owned many more cars as he’s twice my age.

    Have I missed something? The belt is made of rubber which I know from tyres can dry rot.
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  3. HMG1K

    HMG1K Registered User

    Time does play a factor as the belt deteriorates with age as well as with usage. This is the same with tyres; there may be plenty of tread left on a 15 year old vehicle with 10k on the clock, but the rubber parishes beyond what you can see.

    If the timing belt needs replacing, do it. Otherwise you are playing roulette with saving a few pounds here when the alternative is several thousand if it snaps and the pistons collapse inside the engine.

    As for the change in mileage between generations of car and their timing belt recommended change period, it is simply advances in components used inside the engine, the oil used, etc

    If it is your own car (not leased etc) I would recommend changing the oil and filter every 6k miles and do it yourself if you can. Generally for any vehicle. It keeps the engine internals running cleaner than the manufacturer's recommended changes.

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