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Timed Auxiliary Aircon not working

jrumball Nov 3, 2018

  1. jrumball

    jrumball Registered User

    I can't seem to get the myAudi app 3.7, iOS 12.0.1 to programme my car to turn on the HVAC anyone else having problems ? Can see other data about the car milage etc ...

    To be honest all the Audi apps area bit rubbish none of them heave ever had all their features working at the same time !
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  3. oldoiler

    oldoiler Registered User

    Yes there appears to be lots of bugs in their sw it took my system 4 wk to acknowledge that the car had a service and oil change!?@

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  4. jrumball

    jrumball Registered User

    It's really bad that they can't get it figured out. I have complained directly to Audi and just had a generic response. It was one of my major wants with the new car as it means I never have to defrost the car I often have to leave very early in the morning and means I can spend another 10mins in the warm =)

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