Time to get a new clutch or?


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04 S4, 6-speed-

i was driving home las night, shifting properly all of a sudden the clutch pedal stayed pressed no matter what i tried to do it wouldnt release, well it does pump back but it doesn't disengage. when i tried to see if it would go in any gear it wouldnt, also when attempting to put it into 3rd it makes a loud grinding noise not allowing me to go into any gears.

time to get a new clutch or am i in for some serious work here? :confused:

any advice would be appreciated.


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Yes, check the fluid in the master cylinder. The reason it is crunching when you try to put it in gear is because the clutch is not engaged . You are basically trying to put it in gear without pressing the clutch pedal.

I wouldn't have thought it was the clutch. Although it's almost impossible to diagnose over the internet so who knows.


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same thing happened to me turned out it was the slave cylinder, definitely not your clutch. regards aldo286


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checked the reservoir, theres enough fluid in it. i really would like to say it is the master cylinder, but im still having my doubts.

any other way to check or know for sure without taking it apart? any signs or symptoms?:sorry:


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Hey Guys,

just got my car back, it was definately the clucth, but while i had the car in the shop i managed to get the slave cylinder replaced as well,

complete list of what was installed.

Cluctch Disc, Pressure plate, clutch bearings, flywheel bolts, slave cylinder.

the cars new clutch really makes a complete difference,

question though, when i shift into 3rd gear, it makes a quick grinding noise, shifts into gear perfectly and no other problems at all, im wondering if the my 3rd gear is shot also, or is it like the mechanic said, its in the transitional period give it 100 miles and see if the noise has gone away.

its a quick second grind noise, only on 3rd though??? any ideas?:wtf:


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well i just got my car back again, not only did the Clutch go bad when it did. but i also lost my 2nd, 3rd gear syncro's. not to worry though good old audi payed for it. but lessoned learned. grinding = Syncro problems.


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Glad you got it all fixed. Was it in warranty or were Audi just feeling generous? Can't imagine it was a cheap job to do


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:scared2: Hiya all, well I was taking my wife to pick up her 1.6 A3, in my V reg S3, when my clutch pedal started sticking down, it allowed me to pull it back out a few times and then just died. The garage are useless, they talked about the slave cylinder, and then said to maybe replace the master cylinder while they were doing it, which is fine, but in 2 days they still haven't given me a cost price for the parts or labour, although they told me to call 4 times for the price.

My car has 58000 miles on it although AUDI replaced the engine and cylinder head around 42000 miles, and they are warrantied until next November. So I am trying to get AUDI to possibly pay for the work to clutch if I can, because having to have an engine and cylinder replaced, and now the clutch goes, isn't showing their best engineering. Can anyone help and also advise how much they think this will cost???

Many thanks