time for new clutch and flywheel b6 1.8t fwd salloon 2003

richard hare

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as title states its time....clutch slip and judder...b***ox...
local garages have quoted between £850 -£950...sh*t...bo**ox..and sh*t again... supply and fit..
anyway a friend of mine with his dad build rally cars(anything from saxos-evos)...but no experiance with audis..
quoted £372 for all parts needed (sachs).from local motor supplies.this is gonna be done on the deck under cover in a lock up....jacks axle stands concrete blocks you name it..
firstly anybody got any heads ups
and secondly while the subframe is lowered is it possible to remove the sump (pick up pipe prevension) heading towards the rear of the car......gonna be a learning curve for all of us...gonna be interesting and documented..


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The clutches on these are really easy. Did one on a b7 1.9tdi last week, took me about 3 hours all in. There's no messing with ball joints etc. Just unbolt the driveshafts front the flange. You don't have to undo anything from the top in the engine bay, just drop the engine down and you can get at all the bolts. Undo the 3 bolts on the bottom of the box before you drop it down as they get stuck behind the subframe if you don't. And I did my quattro on Saturday that was also not bad apart from being heavy