Time for a change?


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Well my redundancy money will be in my bank at the end of the month and I'm seriously thinking about selling the s3 and getting the RS6 I've been after for ages! Obviously need to find a new job ASAP so I don't have to use the 11k I've been awarded for losing my job but fingers crossed that shouldn't take too long.
So if anyone is after an S3 on a 51 reg watch this space lol it's already booked in for some suspension bushes etc at a local audi specialist at a cost of £800 but other than that they gave it a full bill of health. Had recent cambelt service and oil change, fuel filter and all the normal bits, had it's coil packs replaced at audi and also had rear discs and pads. I'm over the moon with it but this may be the chance I've been waiting for to move up to the V8 beast lol


i am in the same boat as you to be honest, looking to buy an rs4 in jan / feb, been doing loads of reading etc

i was looking at rs6's too, as they seem to be cheaper than the rs4 and you get a lot more car for your money, but, there's a reason for this, they cost a fair bit to run, fuel consumption is like 13 mpg around town and around 23mpg on a run and the gearbox is known to have issues :0(

on paper the rs4 is the quicker and more agile of the 2, i suppose this is because it is around 350kg lighter, this also helps it get 22 mpg around town and 28mpg on a run

if you do a lot of miles in your car you'll need to take this into consideration as it will take it's toll

others parts likes brakes are more expensive and if you plan on having it serviced at audi, put a fair bit of wedge aside, let me know how you get on, what i might even do, is sell my parents renault 1.6 and replace it for a bmw 118d, they don't use the car much, so whenever i wanted to use it i could as a cheaper run around!


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Sorry for the redundancy mate but what a result! The RS6 is a great step in the right direction.
I was made redundant a copuple of years ago and had my 12k spent within a month on a new car and bike! The missus was not pleased!
Good luck job hunting also