Tim D's B9 S4 Avant Thread


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@Keef Audi did offer to quote me for a replacement S4, but lease cost was over £20k over 2 years - jokers!
Jesus, I've got a 68 plate s4 for £280 a month haha, that includes about £50 a month is extras, put 3k down as a deposit but it's still only around 9.5k over the 2 years

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Time for an end-of-term report for my S4 - which went back to the leasing company last week.

Total distance covered: 35,303 miles
Fuel used: 5427.49 L
Fuel cost: £6753.46
Fuel cost per mile: 19.1p
Worst economy over a tank: 21.5 mpg
Best economy over a tank: 32.87 mpg
Longest range: 394 miles
Biggest fill-up: 55.49L
Average economy: 29.62 mpg
The majority of my miles are at 70mph or a tiny bit more, officer on a 100 mile daily commute.

Tyres: 3.
One rear replaced after 1 month - 2000 miles - (pothole puncture) £186
One front replaced at 15000 miles (pothole puncture...) £226.74
Other front replaced at 18108 miles at service (near legal limit) £198.60
At hand back, fronts 75% worn, rears 90% worn
Note: in the 3000 miles when I had one front on 80% worn and the other new, there was what I thought to be a slight imbalance, but was probably the diff complaining - sorry car! After the other front was replaced, it was all smooth again.

Service: One at 18108 miles. £476.21 (plus the tyre mentioned above) Nothing else done.
Front pads were 50% worn at 18k miles (so probably 35% worn really) so would have been tired by the time I gave the car back.
Next service was due in 1200 miles when I handed the car back :)

Original lease cost £12,633.60 for 20,000 miles
I bought an extra 12000 miles when I had done about 26000 miles and negotiated a rate of 9.97pence per mile (£1196.36)
Excess mileage 3252 at contracted rate of 15.58ppm (£506.53)
Chargeable repairs: Refurb one alloy wheel - £36.

So total cost over term for lease, fuel, tyres and servicing: £22213.50, or 62.9p per mile

The asked if I wanted a purchase price at the end of lease, and they offered £30,350, which I actually think was pretty fair.

Faults: Rear washer nozzle packed up at about 30,000 miles - didn't bother getting it fixed.

What was good:
The performance
The noise
Nothing fell off
LED lights
Virtual Cockpit

What was not so good
#1 without a doubt is the gearbox - you can excuse it if you are a fanatic, but there were lots of occasions where it just didn't respond at all how I'd have liked in either Drive or Sport auto mode - sometimes a bit dangerous. Realistically I probably drove the majority of the time with the gearstick popped to the left and used the paddles. More predictable and a bit more engaging.
There were two Google Earth outages for a number of days
The wheels were a pain in the **** to clean. On the bright side I had my house refurbed last year and had an outside hot tap put in (ostensibly for dog washing) but I found that a hot water jet wash got them cleaned up pretty well :)

I'll add more as I remember it...
@TimD - Great write up & plenty of useful info
Thanks for taking the time Tim :thumbs up:
@TimD great info!
In stark comparison, my S4 is just shy of 2 years and I’m on 14k miles.

I’m on my 3rd, 3 year pcp deal, but contemplating leasing next!

So what car is next for you??
@Keef - I'm on my 3rd lease & will NEVER go back to a PCP deal TBH
Once you get your head round the whole lease thing it really does work, especially if you like to change your car/cars regularly like what I/we do lol
@Keef h

If you want to pick up the gist of playing the bargain lease game, check out the lease deals thread (and FAQ) on Pistonheads. but there is not much about at the moment.
More info here -