Throttle body thick of burned oil - how best to get rid?


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Aug 16, 2017
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While doing the thermostat the throttle body was removed and there was probably 2-3mm thick build up of encrusted oil. I don't think there's a problem as the car has done 140,000 and probably never had it cleaned.

Anyway, the throttle body was easy to clean, EGR cleaner and pick off the large bits with a screwdriver, but if feels like the intake chamber is also lined with this.

What is the best way to clean this out? Is it an easy item to take off. I'm very much aware anything dislodged will go in to the engine.

I think it's worth doing for peace of mind and the engine is a lot smoother running after cleaning the throttle body.
ive just deleted my throttle body , logs showed an improvement
Quite right, who needs a throttle body - did you just retro fit a few twin choke Webers or what?
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The best way would be to let a professional walnut-blast the intake manifold and the back of your intake valves.

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