Q5 Three doors not unlocking with remote


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Mar 19, 2019
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Just bought a used Q5 but have noticed one issue. With the remote the driver's door unlocks but no other doors do. The cable to each door is okay as the doors can be unlocked by using the lever inside the car. When I close the door it will unlock by using the handle on the outside. The issue arises again once car is locked again. I can hear a clicking noise on the rear doors and n/s front door when i press the unlock button on the remote. Also the button on the inside of the driver's door will lock the doors but again not open them. I did notice the red light on this switch does not always work.
I have seen lots of posts about this on the internet. Someone said it is the grease in the mechanism that has dried up after all the years and stopping the mechanism working? Anyone have this and find a solution?
Click remote twice, to see if its got selective locking coded.
Click remote twice, to see if its got selective locking coded.
Tried that without luck. As I say the doors all make a clicking noise and once opened with the inside lever you cannooen and close the doors as often as you like with no issues so cables are okay. Once you lock it you are back to square one
Check ur MMI , there is an Option to only unlock the drivers door with the Remote.

Or ALL...

Option also to drop doors and even open panoroof so please go check your MMI