Thoughts please on Autowatch Ghost 2 immobilization modes


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I'm going to get an AWG2 fitted.

Looking in the manual it appears it can be set up when installed with 1 of 3 immobilization modes. I'm undecided which to go for so I'd be interested in others' thoughts. I'm thinking that gearbox lock would make it harder to tow/trailer the car. Engine stall could be useful for running the engine for maintenance, checks, warming up without having to enter the PIN. Can't think of any side benefits for starter isolate. Anyone got experience of using these?

Starter isolate – The vehicle will not crank the engine to start. Before you can start the vehicle
you must turn the ignition on, enter your PIN code, wait for the 2 flash indication and then start
the engine.

Engine stall – The engine will start before entering the PIN code however, if you do not enter your
PIN code and gear selector is moved from P the engine will stall.

Gearbox lock – The engine will start before entering the PIN code but the gear selector will
either stay recessed or locked until the PIN code has been entered.



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These modes won’t work on every car so I’d check before you go ahead to make sure they’ll work on your car.

The gear one will only work on the newer DSG boxes.

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I’ve had this fitted to my S3 8V FL recently. I wasn’t offered a choice of modes, so suspect you get what you get for your car. Also the “mode” I have isn’t any of the above. In my case if I follow the usual start procedure of foot on brake and start engine it fires up and immediately stalls. No time to do anything - I have keyless start. I still have to check if the valet/service mode code can be changed, as I’m not keen on how it’s been set, but as it’s written in the docs I received I suspect it can’t be. I’ve already changed the disarm sequence to my preference.