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Dec 5, 2004
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I am looking to upgrade my S3 for an RS3, I have seen a few but I would appreciate some help on what to look for in terms of Spec,
I guess they all come with a good spec but is there anything I should look for on buying, I do like the look of the red ones as it seems red is sort of coming back into fashion again.

I did see one about 6 weeks ago that was supposed to be accident free and HPI clear but when I googled the reg plate I saw photos of it on some forum smashed to bits, The front end was totalled, I am thinking that maybe I should buy from Audi (second hand) to avoid these issues.

Any help or input would be appreciated.

I have seen a red one registration starting KW11 if anyone has seen or has info on it.
Or another red one Reg: S8 APP

S8APP - I can't find any information
Or another red one Reg: S8 APP

S8APP - I can't find any information
Not come across this. You don't say where you have spotted?

Have tried looking on Pistonheads or the Audi UK's used cars?

There have been two or three now reserected from damaged cars, they will say Cat D or C in the advert (if they are truely ligite)

I am looking to buy it and was just checking if maybe anyone knew anything.
I have to agree with you on red being the colour ;)

I don't have any extra information on the cars with the plates you mention, I'm sure a couple of £ on HPI will reveal all, if you're thinking of spending upward of £30K it's well worth paying.

On the spec front I'd say Bucket seats are great to have as they add to the experience (unless size/shape means they don't work for you of course), other than that I'd sat everything else - bose, matt alu styling, adaptive headlight, main beam assist, cruise, audi exclusive bits n bobs are just nice to have but I wouldn't say essential. The 255 front tyre option if you can find one with it maybe? Then if you are going to remap you might as well find one that has already been mapped and had the exhaust or map added.

RS3KEL has a lovely white RS3 for sale in classifieds if you're flexible on colour.

Other than that you'll just have to make me an offer I can't refuse!
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Even if you buy from Audi there's no guarantee its not been in a crash. Had to get my bumper resprayed recently and they highlighted that my rear panels had both been resprayed as the colour was slightly off. Car is structurally sound so I'm not too bothered and the colour difference is slight and only noticeable to me. Just FYI.
Have to agree with MBK, red is the new white :thumbsup: I've had loads of white cars over the years, but when it came to the RS3 i thought time for a change in colour, despite one Audi dealer actually saying red should only be for a Ferrari ?!??? and the only colour he said suits the RS3 was Suzuka grey (probably because he was trying to sell me a £39,999 car with Zero Options)

The problem you might have is finding one in the colour you want with the right spec, i wanted buckets and it took a while until one came up but luckily it had quite a lot of other nice options on it.
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Isn't it amazing what dealers will tell you to make a sale!

When I was looking for my RS5 I was told the red ones are worth less due to the colour, even though Audi use red for the press car (they did the same with the RS3 I believe).

I then rang a dealer with a red RS5 who told me it was worth MORE due to the colour!! lol

Being a City fan I would never buy a red car but found it funny all the same, the things these guys will say top get a sale!
I have been told on many occasions that red paint does effect desirability/ease of selling. It's a marmite colour, where as black and grey seem to appeal to more people.... with the RS3 being such a limited production, and it looking quite nice in red I'm not sure how big a part the colour will have in buying and selling the car... I for one would not buy a red car, I don't even know why, I just wouldn't :faint:
OP - The standard equipment is not too bad on the RS3, but you might want to look for the usual nice Audi extras such as interior lights, auto lights and wipers, cruise control, although if you really want them they could be retro fitted for a cost... Bucket seats vs standard seats are down to preference really.

Good luck on the hunt
I am looking to buy it and was just checking if maybe anyone knew anything.

Just go get the best spec car you can, worry about the colour later.

Mine's blue, found and purchased 3-days after I'd driven a Misano red demonstrator at Stafford Audi.

Now I wouldn't have ordered blue, grey most likely; but the order book had been closed for some time. However, Bluey had all the bits I would have listed anyway (minus the folding mirrors but that's now been rectified), and she was physically available!

So just go buy the best RS3 you can, and live a little.

NO pockets in shrouds!

The interior of MBK'S and the Colour of Bvtc Rs3 are jaw dropping :icon_thumright:
Red is quite a marmite colour as said above but personally i love it. There isnt as many red dynamiks as white or black dynamiks about and when one appears on the internet it only seems a matter of time before its sold because if somebody loves the red paint they will certainly travel for it. Dont worry about the colour, my sons just bought a bright green VW Scirocco :lmfao:
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I'd be happy with an RS3 in any of the standard colours and having seen the blue cars at the meet I'd certainly spec that if I was buying from new. Though saying that does make me think Subaru did a good job brainwashing me!

I agree with John buy an RS3 and enjoy!
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