Thoughts - buy back my old cabby ?


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Hi folks,

I'm the current owner of a new A3 ("13 plate") but I do very little miles. 3k a year max.

I've seen my old A4 Cabriolet ("55 plate") up for sale at a main dealer and I'm really tempted to chop my A3 in for it. It's the only car I've ever regretted selling. I would also buy a cheap runaround to get to work so the cabby would be a project car.

It's a 1.8t with 73,000 miles on - is there anything I should consider prior to going any further ? It will be an Audi Approved Used car.

Heart ruling head moment ?

Any thoughts or advice ?.

Ta !.


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How long ago did you sell it?
Who's owned it since, and how have they looked after it?
How much money would you set fire to if you traded a 13 reg A3 back in against an eight-year old car?


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About 5 1/2 years since I sold it. Same owner since (Audi dealer family member). Full Audi service history and MOT. A bit of wheel and body refurb required (not major). Not gone into the px value yet.

Might be getting too nostalgic !


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It sounds like you are going to get ripped off from all angles here.
First you have taken a depreciation hit on the 2013 and won't get any benefit from it if you sell,the dealer will rip you off on the exchange also.
With all this loss you will end up with a 55 plate with 73000 on it,I know its not a lot of miles but I think you will suffer losses.


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Yep, I think it would be a bad financial move to be honest. It would probably cost me a fortune to bring it up to spec too.


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My husband bought back my fav ever car. Whilst it was lovely having it back I think sometimes it's best to keep it as a memory.. It's never the same 2nd time around :)