this mornings race...


The Clar!! it mouves!!!
was hoping to watch it but the stella got the better of me..... nice wake up result though!!!


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Watching the rerun now.


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If the rest of the season is as entertaining as the first race, it will be the best in years.. Don't want it to be a complete LH walkover though, want to see some actual racing.

Think the loss of traction control alone is clearly going to make it a vastly better season! (witness both ferraris being more of a handful today without their traction control)

Nice to see a winner so genuinely pleased by another team's performances and happy that they got a podium.. I know they go back a long way but even so!

Wonder if they will relocate Heiki's pitlane speed limiter control... ;-)

Will also be very interesting to watch the job Ross Brawn makes of his role at Honda.. Todays performance was not what they would have wanted him to see on his first outing with them..

and how fresh did Mr Hamilton look at the end compared to the others..! Cheeky sod - "it was a breeze, bring it on!" Good for him..

Roll on next weekend..