This mistake will make you chuckle...


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Ok so yesterday I was loading some xmas pressies in the boot, got all done nice and full and closed the boot. (I had used the boot open button on the key so everything locked when I closed it)...

10 minutes later go to lock the front door of my house and cant find my keys, (with the car keys on)...

Hmm..... Thinking to myself I only had them 10 minutes ago I started looking round possible places where I could have put them and then it suddenly dawned on me, when I opened the boot I put my car keys down (in the boot) to put some presents in.... The following language is inappropriate to some people viewing $%*£*&^"*^%&!"^&$*&^%*%*&£)^&"...

My spare key I keep at work for in emergency and also dont like to keep 2 keys to my cars at home... So car is now stuck at home with the keys in the boot borrowed the 'missus house key and walked to work this morning to walk back later with my spare...


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I did that once.

That is why I now NEVER use the boot open button.


I'm in Cruise control

I've been close to doing a few times i don't keep a spare set at home either
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Just makes me think how many times RAC/AA/Other Breakdown Companies have come out to people with keys locked in boots of cars, thinking about disabling the button on the key now lol...

Managed to get a lift home at dinner so all is good lol


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I always unlock all 4 doors with a double click then do the boot in that way the doors dont lock back in case i leave the keys in the boot which have done before, so i was a lucky one.


I did that in California...actually girlfriend did that ...when we were getting ready to go to airport....

many expletives followed and then i got a guy on a toe truck to help - literally 2 seconds later he was in car by using a jimmy thing....scary quick...