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Thinking of selling the s1

nezhayley Feb 28, 2018

  1. nezhayley

    nezhayley Member

    ive had my s1 now for 3 years And im thinking of selling. I have been shopping about for a new car and i have an offer i cant turn down.
    Im thinking of buying another s1, i love the car and its perfect for what i need/want so i thought why not.
    Im may be putting an order in for a sepang blue competion nav,leather interior with sound and comfort pack. It would Come with the newer wheels,black grills and carbon mirrors.
    Would anyone else consider buying again or should i consider other models??
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  3. ryan_lfc_89

    ryan_lfc_89 New Member

    I would buy again but I haven't got started with my mods yet.

    If I was going to buy again, but it would have to have significant changes not just aesthetics. What's the point ?? Leather seats and carbon mirrors ??? Couldn't care, it's about how the car drives for me.

    This is just my view mate. If you want it that much go for it but is it worth all the hassle ?
  4. Ian Whiffen

    Ian Whiffen Well-Known Member

    I would get another one because it ticks all the boxes, especially with having a manual gearbox. I love the RS3 saloon admittedly, I saw one in Hulk green the other day and it looked fantastic

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  5. PastS1Owner

    PastS1Owner Active Member

    I love the RS3 Saloon too, but its just the price of it is ridiculous.
  6. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Well-Known Member Team Ara Blue Team Daytona Gold Supporter

    More than likely the car to replace our S1, although it would be a SB. Getting my hands on one this Friday for the day :yes:

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