Thinking of purchasing a high-mileage 3.0TDi Avant

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Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

I am a current owner of a 2006 A3 2.0TDi and am thinking of a small upgrade.

Being obsessed with the C6 Avant as far as being a school lad, I have recently driven an '06 Audi A6 Avant 2.7TDi Quattro I am honestly impressed with the car overall, although I feel like 2.7TDi lacks a punch, so I am on the hunt for a 3.0TDi. Due to my budget most of the options will be either bare-spec ok-ish mileage or well-loaded high-mileage, and I am leaning towards the latter (my current wee A3 is clocking at 238,000 so the big numbers won't be too big a deal haha)

How likely am I to encounter the usual things like bad injectors and timing chain rattle? Anything else I should be on the lookout for? Having read the forums and opinions, these V6s, with proper and regular maintenance should be capable of half a million no bother, it seems.

What is your ownership experience like?

Any opinions positive or negative will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much

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Hi Adam

I have just brought a 180k A6 Le mans Avant a week ago. It is high milage but high specAs you mention, with regular servicing these engines should go on for quite a few miles, that said, mine has had all of its injectors replaced 3 years ago along with the Turbo actuator, swirl flaps and the EGR cooler.

The timing chain is quite, no rattles as yet. I do not know of anyone that has had a chain snap or had them replaced as a matter of course, but then again these cars are only just starting to enter the age/milage where this might become a problem?

Of all the ones I looked at none had any rust issue's at all but do check the rear tailgate as this can be a starting point.

I had a budget of £6k, brought mine for way less then that, which has left me plenty to use on getting the car sorted.

Do check that everything works, especially the MMi console as this can get wet from its close proximity to the cup holder!

Good luck and happy searching.


Adomas G

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Thank you for your reply, Peter

The injectors, turbo actuator and the EGR cooler are all very familiar topics to me as a 2.0TDi owner haha.

That timing chain was designed as a lifetime part however having talked to some mechanics, they do break or begin rattling due to improper maintenance and replacing it can cost a grand as it's tucked away on the flywheel end of the engine. Fingers crossed this is a service no one of us will have to use.

Will keep hunting for a good example



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As above really, I have the 2.0 TDi and it is a bit under powered. Build quality is without a doubt fantastic and in the two years of ownership I've only spent £200 more than standard servicing and up keep.

I have got a friend who is selling a manual Avant 2.7 TDi on 125k Le Mans Edition '08 plate Daytona Grey if you're interested.


Adomas G

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Thanks, Mart

That's actually very small considering the class of the car, good to hear they're easy on maintenance.

I'm actually searching for an auto with quattro, thanks for letting know though!