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Oct 25, 2007
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west yorkshire
Anybody come across this S4cabby on ebay - FY04 XEP
3 owners from Newport , all Female ..
serviced by Audi Cardiff - all bills , all MOT,s
Completed HPI check , no issues I can see ... Comments please

Cold start rattle noise time.......... If more than a couple of seconds then walk away, unless you are prepared to throw a few £ thousands and engine out job.
As above, a comprehensive service history is a must with a B6 S4, and remember just because a woman's owned it doesn't mean she always drives it, women can abuse cars just as much as men.
Thanks Guys ..
must admit , I thought it strange 3 females and looking at mileage between MOTs
of only a few k,s but looking at comments on MOT,s it has had two advisory remarks
about child seat not allowing full inspection of adult seat belt ..Ran a car check - ok
and waiting for a mate at Audi to see what turns up on there..
Cold rattle is still the big one .. will be going back to check this !!!
In an ideal world you want it to have stood overnight, if the seller has nothing to hide this should be a reasonable request, just explain you know they suffer with top end rattle from cold and want to be sure this one doesn't.
Great advice guys and im not the one buying it.

A mate of mine had the b6 s4 and unfortunately experience the dreaded timing chain rattle. It was indeed an engine out job and a few thousands of pounds.

This was all after I said I would get a B6 cab with roaring V8 over an m3 E46. He then wet fish slapped me!

Still, I stand by my claim.

Good luck and hope everything is just fine
Cold start rattle noise time.......... If more than a couple of seconds then walk away, unless you are prepared to throw a few £ thousands and engine out job.

Well , had another look this morning after it had been stood all night and started fine with no rattles etc , so the only decision left is how much to pay .. 7k seems well over priced - My thoughts are around the 6k mark or am I been tight ? Gents - All comments welcome .. need some help with this one..
Good to hear Andy re: The rattle noise.

With regards to price, have in your mind a max you would go to and dont exceed.

Take cash to pay for the car but do not tell them that you are. Present the cash in front of them on what you are prepared to pay and say you didnt bring anymore. (but you will have you more money in another pocket if need be)

This way, and fingers crossed, they will see that you are serious and accept the lower cash offer.

I hope this helps you..
Usually I'd advise getting it scoped to check for cylinder scoring and the compression checked as well as getting evidence of any timing work.

According to the ad on eBay, it's only done 54k miles so the timing shouldn't be a problem. You need to change the oil annually though (or every 5-6k miles for best results). Low mileage isn't necessarily a good thing if it hasn't be treated right.

370 BHP is horse **** - you need a 2.5" exhaust and remap to get that kind of figure. Just a 'rear box' is not enough, whatever Tony Banks says.

It's always getting a local VAG specialist to check it out, especially if they have experience with V8 S4s.
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Hi. I have just posted asking similar questions in relation to potentially buying an S4 B6. I know the issues with rhe rear of the engine. My maybe has 116k miles. I have to travel to Dewsbury to see it so only really get one chance.
Having never heard chain rattle before where is the best to stand when firing her up and what is it going to sound like? I presume there will be a lot of other noise seen as it is a thumping V8.
My guy is claiming 400hp. It has a catback resonated Milltek and an unknown map.

Thanks for any help
********. The BBK engine cannot make 400 BHP without a supercharger or built engine.

The engine has to be stone cold or it might not rattle at all. Make sure the seller doesn't use it on the day you go. You can't miss it - it's a very metallic, clacking rattle. As long as it's under a second, it's not going to fail immediately but at that mileage, at least one guide will be broken so the timing will need doing soon at a cost of a couple of grand.

Chain rattle doesn't automatically equal broken guides or worn adjusters as some very low mileage engines have been know to rattle - some rattle, some don't, but the ones that do should only do it for a very short time at start-up.

JHM have worked on hundreds of S4s and here's what Jake has to say about the rattle:

I get the feeling that everyone desperately wants this to be the magic fix to all the timing chain issues. However it is not even though I really would like it to be as well. The fact of the matter is that these guides and adjusters fail. Even Audi recognized the guide failure and made an updated guide. If it was a valve failure causing these issues Audi would have made an updated valve years ago. I know this is a crappy situation it is the truth. Broken guides will cause rattling. Worn adjusters will cause rattling (even slightly worn adjusters will. As soon as the hole is bigger than the pin which doesn't take much will cause a rattle. Whether you can hear it or not in the beginnings stages is tough do to other engine noises).

Every engine we have done a timing chain job with over 80k miles has had cracked guides. We even have a display of 6-7 broken guides all in the 80k range in our lobby.

Even slightly worn adjusters will cause a rattle. All it takes is enough room for the pin to move around to cause a rattle which isn't much.

If you're buying an S4 with that mileage you need evidence the timing job has been done or you need to get it a couple of grand under market value so you can do it. I can appreciate that most people don't know about this and a seller will likely tell you to sod off and sell it to the next uninformed individual but that's the way it goes.

Check the B6/B7 S4/RS4 forum on Audizine for technical information about timing and cylinder scoring - if the engine has that it's pretty much junk, I think.

I've been to see cars before and wanted them inspected and the seller was in too much of a rush to wait. That tells me there's something wrong so I if the seller's not accommodating to a serious buyer you're better off giving it a miss.
Thanks for the info guys. The guy has taken the car off sale now anyway. Maybe he git scared as i spoke to him and asked a load of questions.
Might be a bullet dodged. Either he just had a change or heart and wanted to hold onto it for a while, or he had something to hide.
Gents - Car has been sold - I quizzed him face to face with a HPI and a Audi check when I viewed it ..
tried cash up front but was not having it ..not remapped for cert but nice enough ..