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Apr 15, 2012
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Crawley, West Sussex
Hi, just come over from the A4 B6 forums.

I'm looking into getting an A6 Avant, 2009-2011 facelift. Looking at mostly the left man's editions as they seem to be most popular around this age. Going for a manual rather than an auto as I'm aware of the multitronic nightmares!

Are there any know issues I should be looking out for while searching for a car.

Any interier niggles that I need to be aware of like with the A4 B6 the glove box was known the brake etc.

I'm proberly going to end up getting a 2.0tdi 170. Any know issues with these, I understand they are common rail rather than the older PD?

Kind regards
I guess by the lack of replies that there are no real issues to be concerned about.
With regards to the multitronc box, I have the tiptronic in mine and as far as I'm aware there's been no problems with. It's a dream.
If you go for the tractor engined version, make sure you get the Miles in to regenerate the DPF.
Yeah I do pleantly of mileage, my A4 is a 2.5tdi (obviously non dpf) but I should be fine. Tiptronic is a far superior box to the multitronic but unfortunately tip is only on the Quattro versions.

Going to view a 2 owner from new A6 avant Le man's 2010 2.0tdi 170 on Thursday. If all he says about it is correct I'll most likely come home with it!
Well I picked this up two days ago

59 plate A6 Le Man 2 owners(last owner owned for 5 1/2 years, full service history all the usual Le man's equptment. No sure what is an option and what isn't. It's all in very good conditions for a car with 135000 miles. Drives well, had few niggles when I got it
Rear washer didn't work (cleared it with a pin now it's fine)
Glove box opens very slow (is this a case of the damper needed grease?)
One bulb on the instrument cluster flickers sometimes behind the 40-50mph mark
Center caps are wrong for the wheels, I believe they are suppose to be larger with a chrome ring around them?

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Nice, I like that a lot

How you finding the 170bhp? I have a 140 and 1st gear is ****.
I'm supprised at its performance, I've come from a 2.5tdi V6 A4 cab, this feels quite a bit quicker and a
lot more responsive. Very impressed with the car all round tbh.
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I've got mine same 2.0 170 manual from 2010. As a second owner and at 92k clocked it's still drives beautiful.
Got rid of dpf as mostly short distances covered, egr shut and 1stage remap done to 200bhp. Torque is higher also and car feels like a rocket.

If you think at one stage that 170 is not enough, dpf will be showing signs of clog, would like to improve on mpg, make sure you have plenty of clutch.
I have to be careful with mine as it doesn't cope as I would expect with extra power and torque. Still fine to shoot off from traffic lights and great to overtake but not to race.
I mean, it is still fine but slips on 3rd-4th gear when floored.
At some point, probably after loads of miles, will replace it.

You'll find this car much better fun to drive, as I did.
I came to C6 from 05 A4 1.9tdi.
Had a remap, dpf delete, egr blank on it and as a 115bhp factory but increased to about 160 it was faaaaaaaasssttt.

This C6 is a different ball game.
Love it and I'm sure so will you.

Good luck with it.

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Kris a remap will be on the cards but I'm worried I may end the clutches life, although the clutch feels fine the previous owner said it never had a clutch while he owned it and he had to for nearly 6 years. Going to replace the timing belt on it in a few weeks to be on the safe side.
Something about the car that makes it feel quick, the engine seems smoother through gear changes than my B6 did, servotronic steering feels spot on, very light when parking and nice and heavy on the motorway. Covered 800 miles in it already and have no faults with it at all.
Fitted new number plates, new center caps on the wheels as it had the wrong ones, ordered new bolt covers as half are missing.
Going to give it a full clay bar and machine polish next week to get it gleaming.
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Hope you bought the wheel bolt caps from TPS, not eBay!
I nearly made that mistake.
Bolt caps did come from eBay....Apparently genuine but I'll see, if not then I'll go to TPS as I'm picking up my timing belt kit from them this week.

What was wrong with yours Simon?
I didn't buy the eBay ones in the end, I checked the price at TPS just before clicking Buy it Now and they were about half the price!
That's a good price for all 20.
I think the genuine ones on eBay were about 3 times that price when I got mine, but that was 12 months ago.
Well they are on the car, fitted well and look good but time will tell, if they don't last I wouldn't have lost much!

Just picked up

Timing belt kit
Water pump
Thermostat gasket
Aux belt
5l quantum oil
Oil filter
Air filter

From FPS he did it at trade price £250 for the lot. Well impressed. Europarts wanted £166 for the timing belt kit alone
I went from a 2.5TDi V6 in a B6 A4 to a 2.0TDi 170 in a B8 A4 and I found it to be much more responsive and quick off the mark, my 2.5 was a 165 bhp though so on paper not dramatically different.

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If you manage to improve the glovebox opening could you share what fixed it please? Mine is annoyingly slow to open!

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Slow open is caused by damper in it, Steve. Had it in my A4.
Either oil up the rubber seal or shave it off around to allow seal not to he so tight.
Some things are better not as tight as other's We would like to be. LoL

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Steve I will keep you updated, I'll take a look this weekend as Kris said it's usually the damper that sizes up. Had it on my A4 also but unfortunately my hinge snapped before i managed to sort the damper!
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Thank you, a bit of guidance as to where to point my screwdriver would be much appreciated if possible too

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Thanks for that, I'll have a look tomorrow I think

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