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Thinking of buying an A6 (or S6).... Options

Paul - Berkshire Apr 15, 2019

  1. Paul - Berkshire

    Paul - Berkshire Member S-line owners group quattro Audi A6 Le Mans Edition

    A few months in and 3500 miles. Deeply regret not ordering the following. I hope sharing my error helps others about to order.
    Oyher forum users may have items they are kicking themselves about?

    1. Extended range fuel tank. Total no-brainer. The standard tank is woefully small. I totally forgot I ordered it on the C6 I purchased in 2008.

    2. 360 degree camera. For some reason, I thought this was with tech pack. My error.

    3. Spare wheel (space saver). The can of foam is a joke and a result of Audi marketing slime winning over common sense.
    I’m certainly in market for a 19” space saver that will fit a 50 s-line with legal rubber.

    a. The Quattro and Technology Pack are no-brainer options as is the s-line.
    Unlike predecessors (C6/C7) the wheel size/suspension is well matched for the s-line configuration.

    b. I ordered the Audi integral front and rear cameras fitted by the dealer. They are excellent. At least I got one option right!

    If you are in the Thames valley / Reading area. One of the sales guys stands out well above the rest. Message me if you’d like his name. He was fair, helpful and honest. Dealers closer to home for me were a significant disappointment. Will visit this dealer for replacement to the 2014 C7 once a decent electric option is available.

    Reading dealer delivery pack included mats etc. obviating niggling purchases.
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  3. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    TBH I am finding the range on 40TDi with the standard tank to be in a par with the range of C7 2.0TDI Ultra with the larger tank it had as standard. Get about 600 miles before the warning light comes on for both.

    Agree about the spare, having had a puncture earlier this month. Looks like you can get one online for abotu £150 or from the dealer for about £190
  4. Jenkobenko

    Jenkobenko Active Member Team Glacier Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group S tronic

    Nearly 5k extras on that list lol
  5. Philb65

    Philb65 Member

    Since when is a 13 gallon tank woefully small? I could understand it if you got 10mpg but for a diesel! Did make me chuckle.

    Agreed Quattro/tech/sline, that’s all the spec I’ve ordered.

    Lots of nice to have on the extras though.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  6. Simonwhite2000

    Simonwhite2000 2017 S5 Coupe Daytona Grey

    never had an issue with the tank size to be honest and the parking sensors do a good enough job for parking. Tech pack a must though. Have an A6 now without it for a few days and it loses a lot of wow factor not having the VC and large screen/google maps.
  7. DaveW

    DaveW Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver S-line owners group Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Completely agree, on both the Tech Pack and fuel tank. The one option I'd love would be the panoramic sunroof. I originally specced one one the A4 Avant I ordered, but it's almost 2k on an A6.
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  8. Simonwhite2000

    Simonwhite2000 2017 S5 Coupe Daytona Grey

    I use my pan roof quite a bit more than I thought I would. Prices of options has shot up though. Mine was 1250 and my hud was 900.
  9. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group saloon Audi A4

    Having tyre repair kits, over spare wheels, is very common to many car manufacturers these days and it is more about weight saving than marketing.
    Means that the breakdown services are doing more or a trade...
  10. Paul - Berkshire

    Paul - Berkshire Member S-line owners group quattro Audi A6 Le Mans Edition

    Fuel tank size in 3.0 TDI is an issue for trips into parts of Europe. Bluntly, many service stations you do not leave your car unattended and routing via Luxembourg is a low fuel cost treat many of us enjoy.

    As for spare tyres. If I wanted a local use shopping trolley, I would have got an EV. For long distances you don’t want to be at the mercy of the AA or some dodgy recovery agent in Europe attending any time soon. Also, I’d much rather have the choice of replacement tyre and tyre centre.

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